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Automation engineering


This minor will not be organised during 2019–2020.


Tampere University offers minor studies in automation engineering. The minor offers basic knowledge on

  • control systems
  • automation systems and
  • robotics.

Control system studies build the theoretical knowledge of control systems that are base for all automation systems. The automation system studies concentrate on the realisation of automation systems in different application fields. The robotics studies give basic knowledge on robotics and their technology.

Automation is found everywhere and our current everyday life is depending on the various automation systems such as production and distribution of electricity and heating. Ordering items from web-store is possible of because of automation and the order starts chain of automated tasks including picking from storage, packaging, transportation, invoicing and so on. In the future robot can deliver the package to your home door. Automation is key competence area for Finnish export technology products.

Professor in charge

Tampere University
Matti Vilkko

Contact person in practical matters

Tampere University
Seppo Tikkanen

Contact person for applications

Pilvi Lempiäinen , Service designer
Start the application process
Start the application process
Technical studies
Automation engineering
5–20 ECTS
Teaching period:
Not organised during 2019-2020
Host university:
Tampere University
Study is open for:
Degree student
Teaching methods:
General prerequisites:
Knowledge on mathematics and basic programming skills are needed on all courses.
Study suitable for:
All students who are interested on automation
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