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Industrial seminar on future technologies

Individual course

If you are taking this course as part of a FITech minor, please note that all minors will be offered for the last time in the academic year 2021-2022. Please check the individual courses for updates regarding future availability.

The aim of this seminar series is to offer direct access to the evolving knowledge and challenges in the field of Industry 4.0. The seminars aim to invite diverse R&D experts and practitioners who are working in the local industry implementing industry 4.0.

Students will gain awareness of the visions and challenges of different industries related to the use of new technologies in the field of ICT.

Furthermore, before accepting or formulating an opinion or conclusion related to the use of new ICT technologies in industry, students will go through a comprehensive exploration of ideas and analyse the information of current state of the art from the perspective of industry and academia.

The course is arranged as a series of seminars. In each seminar, there is one company case.

Seminars take place in Turku every four weeks. Student may join the course starting from any of the seminars. Participation in 6 seminars and their relate activities qualifies to 5 ECTS.

More info in University of Turku’s study guide and at

Responsible teacher

University of Turku
Carolina Islas Sedano

Contact person for applications

FITech Network University
Fanny Qvickström, Student services specialist
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Technical studies
Industrial engineering and management
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0 €
Teaching period:
Continuously on-going, until the end of spring 2022
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Application period has ended
Host university:
University of Turku
Study is open for:
Degree student
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