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Product development of biomedical devices

Individual course

After completing this course, the student:

  • has collected, combined and explained the planning process stages of a medical device from an idea to a final product including regulatory aspects and risk analysis
  • has collected data and compiled review reports in groups which include patent and market surveys as well as survey requirements for the application and the biomedical device
  • has critically overviewed scientific articles and different databases for the information retrieval
  • as a part of a group, student has planned and prepared schedule, budget, and workflow for the project
  • has presented group work as a written document and an oral presentation in seminar
  • has also assessed the work of other groups and received feedback

All other courses of this module (i.e. 15 credits) have to be done before this course. Students should have finished their BSc degree studies AND have obtained 50 credit units of MSc studies. Students must show that they have 30 credits from the field of biomaterials, biotechnology, biomedical engineering, medicine or related subjects. The course is intended for students in their last study year for MSc degree (or for PhD students).

If you are unsure, contact the responsible teacher(s) for your qualifications.

More information on Tampere University’s study guide.

Responsible teachers

Tampere University
Timo Allinniemi
Tampere University
Minna Kellomäki

Contact person for applications

Pilvi Lempiäinen , Service designer
Start the application process
Start the application process
Technical studies
Biomedical engineering
Course code:
Teaching period:
Fall 2020
Application deadline:
Application dates will be announced later
Host university:
Tampere University
Study is open for:
Adult learner,
Degree student
Teaching methods:
Place of contact learning:
General prerequisites:
All other courses of this module (i.e. 15 credits) have to be done before this course
Study suitable for:
MSc or PhD students who want to get background for biomedical device or software commercialisation and regulation
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