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FITech Summer Boost 2019: Additive manufacturing and 3D printing

Individual course

Looking for something totally new to do next summer?

Apply for Summer Boost 2019: Additive Manufacturing and 3D printing (10 ECTS) to develop and apply your expertise in Additive Manufacturing (AM) and 3D printing, transforming how products are designed, produced and new business created.

AM enables manufacturing without tooling, shape optimization and on-demand production. AM has means for new flexible designs that can save costs, add product performance or decrease product development lead time.

Date: 17.5.–16.8.2019

Location: Mostly you’ll be free like a bird! Intensive study session will take place in Turku.

Be prepared to take part in lectures on Fridays in May and early June! During the summer you’ll be engaged in group assignments and project work: groups of five identify the problem, innovate an AM solution, design AM model and print an AM prototype which you’ll get to present at the Final Gala “Shark tank” in August. Best of all – you’ll have the possibility to study whether you’ll be spending your summer working or otherwise – the summer school is designed to be compatible with summer jobs.

Summer Boost is coordinated by Aalto University and is arranged as a part of the network university FITech.

If you are in need of a free apartment for the summer in Turku, we might be able to help you out!

Please check:

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The course structure:


The first part of the course presents widely AM and 3D printing technologies and design aspects that are deepen by weekly group assignments. The assignments are presented before next week lecture in a miniseminar.

– 5 x 3 h lectures

– 4 x weekly group assignments

– 4 x mini seminars before the lecture


In the second part, students will run a project in AM

– Project: groups of five identify the problem, innovate AM solution, design AM-model and print an AM prototypes.

– Lecturers direct and support the project development in 3–5 appointments in Turku.

– Groups select one person, five in total, to take part in Nottingham conference 


Third part is for dissemination of project results.

– Groups evaluate group activity

– Groups present their project in “Shark Tank” 16th of August 2019


How to become the next FITech Summer Boost student?

FITech Summer Boost is suitable for all students studying at any FITech university.

Summer Boost is designed primarily for students from 3rd study year onwards and it is a great fit for students of different backgrounds.

Registering for the course:

Fill the application form and your motivational letter by 14.4.2019. We will select a maximum of 25 students to the first round.

Students will be informed as soon as possible whether they are qualified or not.

For more information, please contact

Aalto University
Kirsi Kukko , Program coordinator
Aalto University
Jouni Partanen , Professor, Head of department, Advanced Production Methods
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Primarily for students from 3rd study year onwards. Summer Boost is a great fit for students of different backgrounds