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Marine and power plant engines

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If you are taking this course as part of a FITech minor, please note that all minors will be offered for the last time in the academic year 2021-2022. Please check the individual courses for updates regarding future availability.

Combustion engines will remain to be the prime mover and important energy system component for the next decades. The course provides the current state of the art in engine solutions and teaches good engineering practice in the domain.

Learning outcomes: The course is designed to provide students with knowhow and knowledge in the fundamentals of gas and diesel engine technology.

Content and objectives: Operation principles of different power plant engines. Fundamentals of basic engine parameters, combustion, crankshaft mechanism and supercharging.

After passing the course, the student can

  • present and classify the gas and diesel engine types
  • solve problems concerning the relative air-fuel ratio, power output, fuel conversion efficiency and specific fuel consumption of an engine and explain how various factors affect the efficiency and obtained power output
  • calculate combustion chemistry issues like intake air and exhaust flow rates and the composition of the exhaust
  • describe the combustion phenomena of the engines and the factors affecting the quality of combustion, and solve problems of the injection system
  • present how the injection systems function and describe their construction
  • solve problems related to crank mechanism and torsional vibration
  • present the mechanism of torsional vibrations and list damping solutions
  • solve problems of supercharging systems and describe supercharging systems and the construction of superchargers
  • describe the structures of the main engine components and list their materials.

The course develops problem solving and decision-making skills, critical thinking, analytical way of working and literal expression. The course also promotes life-long learning as well as R&D and marketing readiness.

On the course there will be co-operation with Wärtsilä. The course is organised online.

Online exam schedule:

Real-time online exam, times in Peppi

  • 1st exam on 26.11.2021 at 12:00
  • Re-takes 14.1.2022 at 12:00 and 25.2.2022 at 12:00

More information in University of Vaasa’s course page.


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Maciej Mikulski, Apulaisprofessori

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Fanny Qvickström, Opintoasioiden suunnittelija
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