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Smart and sustainable maritime business

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NB! You can find this course on the application form under the study programme Åbo Akademi FITech-Tku courses 3/2021 and choosing the right course from the drop down menu.

This course is one of the obligatory courses in the Smart and sustainable maritime business module.

It is a “capstone” type of course and strives to integrate the learnings from the other courses in the module. Therefore, it takes place through four seminars, final conference and various assignments over a period of 1 year.

The aim of the course is to provide a system-wide understanding of how the maritime industry works and what the industry’s technological, economic, environmental and regulatory premises and opportunities are. Upon successful completion of the module the student will be able to:

  • Analyze how different actors create and capture value in the maritime business ecosystem
  • Point out and analyze basic operational problems in shipping over time
  • Match technological needs and developments with commercial opportunities in shipping
  • Explain basic socio-technical phenomena in the context of smart and sustainable maritime business
  • Relate sustainable development needs to maritime business

Seminar 1 – Current state of the maritime business (12.1.2021)

  • We will discuss the current structure of maritime business ecosystem: who are the main actors, how their business works, and what value they create. There will be several workshops where students will apply management models for analyzing the business of different actors in maritime sector.

Seminar 2 – Maritime innovations (16.3.2021)

  • We will talk about the impact of technological innovations on maritime business. We will discuss the disruptive features of and those innovations and changes in the maritime business ecosystem that are required for their successful implementation. Students will learn about a few tools for analyzing the impact of innovations.

Seminars 3 & 4 – Maritime business and society (8.6.2021 & 7.9.2021)

  • We will reflect upon the environmental and societal impact of maritime sector. We will discuss how intertwined are the social, economic and environmental dimensions of sustainability. Students will identify and analyze the role of stakeholders that impact or are impacted by maritime business.

Final conference (9.11.2021)

  • During the last seminar, students will present and discuss their course projects, as well as reflect on main takeaways from the course.

The seminars will take place at 4–7 pm. It is possible to participate in the course seminars remotely, i.e. through Zoom. During the seminars, there will be short presentations about maritime business and workshops where students will analyze it utilizing a number of managerial tools. Based on the discussions in class, the students will start analyzing maritime business using Ecosystem Pie Model (EPM) and will finalize this work after the seminar. EPM project is a group assignment that is required for completing the course, and it is carried out in several rounds along with the course seminars.

After each seminar, there will be an individual assignment based on the pre-reading material and the discussions at the seminars.

More information in Åbo Akademi’s course page.

Changes to the content of the course and seminars are still possible.


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