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Are you interested in completing your technical studies with operations management capabilities? Want to get an internship in high-growth companies in Southwest Finland?

Apply now for the HGO Programme which offers business connections with companies to boost your career!

HGO programme (2019–2020) includes several operations management courses on Bachelor and Master level to complement technical studies.

This programme focuses on high-growth industries and their specific characteristics and challenges in the area of operations management.  The programme integrates university students and high-growth companies in Southwest Finland. Contacts are created through course assignments, project work and internship period in companies.

The programme is aimed for university students with studies on operations and service management and engineering capabilities.

Programme structure includes:

1. Studies in the area of operations and service management (OSM)

2. Internship period in companies during summer 2020

  • Practical training in companies
  • Research assignment can be conducted/started during training in companies

3. Common activities with companies

Examples of  courses included in the programme:

A study plan will be designed individually to each HGO student according to their study phase, assisted by the programme coordinator.

= Contact learning
= Online learning
= Blended learning (online & contact learning)
Operations management project in high-growth companies, 2–7 ECTS. 9.9.2019–10.4.2020.

Course code: TU-CV

This course is for HGO students only and it replaces the course TU-C2030 (Operations management project in high-growth industries).

Includes a course: Characteristics of high-growth companies (2 ECTS) and visits to companies in SW Finland. If you have already completed the course TU-C2030, you can study this part of the course TU-CV and gain 2 ECTS.

For additional info, see course description.

Advanced project-based management, 3–5 ECTS. 9.9.–13.12.2019.

Course code: TU-E2030

The course will be arranged during periods 1–2 with two different versions (3 or 5 ECTS).

The 3 ECT version is aimed at students with a minor in industrial management, as well as all other students generally interested in project management.

The number of participants in the 5 ECTS version is limited and therefore priority is given to students majoring in industrial management and students who have included the course in their mandatory curriculum (extended minor or similar). Consequently, a special application is required for the 5 ECTS version. The application procedure as well as other practicalities related to the 5 ECTS version, is explained during the first lecture.

Please refer to the course description for more information about the workload and the prerequisites for both course versions.

This Advanced project-based management (3 and 5 ECTS) course is organised concurrently with FITech’s Advanced project-based management course with Aalto University as the host university. This means that there will be two groups of students participating in this course: Aalto students and FITech students.

The course is organised in cooperation with Aalto University (Prof. Karlos Artto), Åbo Akademi University (Prof. Kim Wikström), Tampere University (Prof. Tuomas Ahola) and University of Oulu (Prof. Jaakko Kujala).

Management of external resources, 5 ECTS. 9.9.–13.12.2019.

Course code: TU-E2040

The purpose of the course is to familiarise the students with opportunities, challenges, principles and tools of managing resources which are outside a firm’s organisational boundaries for improved effectiveness, efficiency and innovation. After passing the course the students knows:

  1. What is the significance and strategic role of external resources in contemporary organitions
  2. How to design strategies for managing supply categories
  3. The principles of total cost of ownership analysis and is able to utilise it in different situations
  4. The systematic sourcing process and how to apply it in different situations
  5. How to make decisions on the governance mode: make/do, buy or ally
  6. How to manage interorganisational relationships
  7. How to deal with the idiosyncracies of public and service purchasing

The goal is to provide students both theoretical and conceptual tools to deeply understand the field and the skills to solve the challenging problems in practice.

For additional info, see course description.


Kari Tanskanen and Mervi Vuori, both from Aalto University

Operations management / Operaatioiden johtaminen, 5 ECTS. 9.9.–13.12.2019.

Course code: TU-C2020

All lectures will be held in Finnish, but all course documentation and instructions are in English.

The course consists of lectures, course book, a final exam and a practical assignment. The book and the lectures complement each other and it is thus necessary to study the book also in order to succeed in the course. The lecture slides and other materials will be posted in the sections lecture materials and other materials as the course proceeds.

Study material: Slack, N.; Brandon-Jones, A.; Johnston, R. (2011) : Essentials of Operations Management, Prentice Hall

The assignment is handed out at the first lecture and the first parts of the assignment will start right at the start of the course. Therefore it is recommended to attend the first lecture.

All questions regarding the course should be sent to henri.huttunen@aalto.fi, please include your student number and course code (TU-C2020)! Viestit voi lähettää myös suomeksi.

For additional info, see course description.

Advanced operations management, 5 ECTS. 28.10.–13.12.2019.

Course code: TU-E2020

All lectures, course documentation and instructions are in English.

The course consists of examination, lectures, simulation exercises with Simul8 software. In addition for passing the 5 ECTS version of the course there is an additional lean game and an evaluation exercise.

For additional info, see course description.

Contact information:

Department of Industrial Engineering and Management

Programme coordinator:

Riikka Kaipia (HGO@aalto.fi)

Professor Kari Tanskanen



In cooperation with:



Type of study unit



15–34 ECTS. Minor or elective studies

Teaching semester


Host university

Aalto University

Open for degree student


Level of studies

Bachelor and Master

Teaching methods

Contact learning

Place of contact learning



Aalto University, Espoo

Programme suitable for

Bachelor and Master engineering students


English and Finnish

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