Master of Science in Technology, ELEC programme

The aim of the program is to provide engineers in electrical engineering especially for the needs of the Finnish marine and automotive industry and their subcontractors.

After completing the degree programme ELEC in Electrical engineering, the student

  • is able to apply the essential theories of electrical engineering to practical electrotechnical and electronics applications
  • is able to apply his/her knowledge in jobs in product development, research and marketing as well as in management of these
  • is able to produce main circuit solutions for different power electronics applications and their thermal design.
  • is able to design electromagnetic components, recognise the main loss mechanisms and sources of interference
  • is able to develop electrical drive system concepts (e.g. frequency converter, electric motor or generator and mechanical load)
  • is able to model the operation of different electrical machines and use simulation tools for electromechanical systems and their parts
  • understands vector control methods of rotating electrical machines and is able to design control algorithms or applications software for frequency converters
  • is able to dimension and choose appropriate components for an electrical drive

Courses included in the programme:

  • DI-tutkinnon työharjoittelu
  • Tiede, teknologia ja yhteiskunta
  • Tutkimusmetodiikka DIODI
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Sähkötekniikan laboratoriotyöt DIODI
  • Diplomityö
  • Power Electronics
  • Power Electronic Components
  • Electrical Drives
  • Terminen laitesuunnittelu
  • Sähkömagneettiset komponentit
  • Electromagnetic Compatibility in Power Electronics
  • Embedded System Programming
  • Electrical Engineering in Wind and Solar Systems
  • Electric Energy Conversion Systems

Professor in charge: Katja Hynynen, LUT University (

Contact person in practical matters: Katriina Mielonen, LUT University (

Other teachers:

  • Karl-Erik Michelsen
  • Harri Eskelinen
  • Jero Ahola
  • Pertti Silventoinen
  • Lasse Laurila
  • Juha Pyrhönen
  • Janne Nerg
  • Tuomo Lindh
  • Olli Pyrhönen
  • Juhamatti Korhonen, all from LUT University
If you have any questions, please contact LUT University: or tel. 0400 295 130. More info

Type of study unit:



120 ECTS

Teaching semester

Start 09/ 2019. Duration 2 yrs.

Host university

LUT University

Open for non student


Level of studies


General prerequisites

Bachelor's degree.


Mostly online studies, some intensive studies e.g. laboratory work in Turku or in Lappeenranta


Finnish, but includes several courses in English.

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