Product innovations

This course is organised in Finnish.

The aim of the course is to create new concepts, tools and knowledge for creative design and innovations, solve problems in an innovative way, protect inventions (patenting or other protecting forms) and get to know the protecting procedures and requirements.

The main emphasis is on patenting; how to protect valuable product design from imitation and how to avoid infringement of competitors’ industrial property rights.

Upon completion of the course, the student can explain conditions for a patentable design and compare patenting to other ways of protecting industrial rights and is able to make an application for patent. The student also knows employer’s and employee’s rights in case of making an invention as an employee.


  • Analysing and abstracting of a problem
  • Connecting a problem to a larger context or its division to minor problems
  • Applying systematic methods to a defined problem
  • Product protection models and their use in competition
  • Comprehension and legitimacy of the protection by patent
  • Applying for patent and making an application for a patent
  • Applying for a patent in a foreign country
  • Situations involving a conflict
  • Patent legislation.
= Contact learning
= Online learning
= Blended learning (online & contact learning)
Product innovations / Tuoteinnovaatiot, 5 ECTS. 3.9.–19.10.2019.

Hakuaika on päättynyt.

Kurssikoodi: 464104A

Opetuskieli: suomi

Tuoteinnovaatiot on uusi kurssi, jossa yhdistyvät aikaisemmat kurssit Luovan työn tekniikka sekä Tuotesuojaus. Kurssin aihealueena on luova ideointi, uusien innovaatioiden kehittäminen ja ideointi työkalujen käyttäminen sekä syntyneiden ideoiden suojaaminen eli patentoiminen.


Further information:

Responsible teacher: Juhani Niskanen (juhani.niskanen(at)

Other teachers: Eino Antikainen (eino.antikainen(at)

Contact person, applications:

Pilvi Lempiäinen (pilvi.lempiainen(at)

Type of study unit

Individual course



Teaching semester

Fall 2019

Host university

University of Oulu

Open for degree student


Open for non-student


Level of studies


General prerequisites

No prerequisites

Teaching methods


Programme suitable for

Mechanical and design engineers from industry companies, Machine design students



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