Project & industrial management

The minor gives students skills needed in how to successfully conduct projects in industries and infrastructure, as for example energy, shipbuilding and innovative start-ups. The courses include real-life cases and the teaching methods combine physical and virtual lectures.

Participating in these courses gives the student excellent capabilities in how projects are conducted and the requirements in international project business. Students are also trained in how projects are planned through feasibility studies and business ecosystem studies.

As much of the future activities take place in projects and project organisation it is especially beneficial for students to learn about methods in project management for both large projects and small, innovative start-up projects.

Courses included in the programme:

= Contact learning
= Online learning
= Blended learning (online & contact learning)
Åbo Akademi: Project management (IE00BT38), 5 ECTS. Starts 2.9.2019.

Apply before Aug 25, 2019

The course focuses on basic project management methods. Nowadays, companies apply project management basics in many different areas, and therefore the basic knowledge of project management is relevant for industry employees.

After completing the course the student:

  • Knows the most important areas of project management and relevant concepts related to it
  • Knows and can use central methods in project management
  • Can apply project management methods when leading different projects
  • Knows current trends in project management

The course offers the opportunity to complete The Project Management Assocation PM certification, which covers the same competence areas as IPMA level D. The certification is free of charge.

More info:

Åbo Akademi: Business models and ecosystems (414505.0), 5 ECTS. 28.10.–20.12.2019.

Apply before Oct 13, 2019

The course gives an advanced understanding of the key characteristics of industrial project business and its special management functions and areas.

Focusing on industrial projects globally and how they are carried out to deliver and integrate new technologies and complex systems in a multi-stakeholder environment, this course goes through techniques, tools and methods for the management of project networks, project firms, and project business networks.

After examination the student will be know how to map, analyse and design business models from an ecosystem perspective.

Generic skills:

  • Information searching skills
  • Problem solving skills
  • Team work ability
  • Written and oral presentation skills
  • Argumentation and opposing skills
  • Ability to give, receive and deal with feedback
  • Ability to work against deadlines

More info:

Åbo Akademi: Advanced project-based management (IE00BT39), 5 ECTS. Starts in January 2020.

Apply before Dec 15, 2019

Prerequisites: Course Introduction to project management or other basic course in project management.

The course discusses practical application of project management in different types of projects, and in different organisations and industries. The course covers advanced project management approaches and methodologies in specific core areas, including organising, scheduling and management of time on project and system life cycles, management of risk and uncertainty, management of stakeholders and multi-firm networks. The aim of the course is to give students in-depth knowledge of different areas of project management and project business, and to develop skill to apply this knowledge to solve practical challenges in the management of complex projects.

The course covers the following core areas organised in six modules:

  • Module 1: Management of complex projects
  • Module 2: Project scheduling and interdependencies
  • Module 3: Project risk and uncertainty
  • Module 4: Managing multi-firm projects
  • Module 5: Managing external environment
  • Module 6: Project management in different contexts and industries

Upon completion of the course the students are able to:

  • Explain different management processes and methodologies and evaluate their suitability to divergent project environments (Module 1).
  • Apply analytical methods that improve our ability to handle interdependencies, uncertainty and dynamism in project scheduling (Module 2).
  • Classify risks and analyse uncertainty in projects (Module 3).
  • Develop processes and structures to successfully manage multi-firm projects (Module 4).
  • Evaluate the relationship of projects and their external environment and stakeholders (Module 5).
  • Evaluate, analyse and distinguish between approaches and processes to manage real-life projects and project teams (Module 6).

Participating in the Advanced project-based management (APM) course gives the student excellent capabilities in how projects are developed, planned and executed for long-term value creation, and how project business is managed at the firm-level and at the level of international business.

Company representatives are welcome and can participate for free.

The course requires participations in 3 seminars, which are scheduled in late afternoons of working days, to allow also participation of individuals working in companies.

More info & course schedule:

Åbo Akademi: Industrial project business (414506.0), 5 ECTS. Spring 2020.

1) Investment management

  • Cost budgeting and investment planning
  • Large project governance
  • Implementation models (EPC, EPCM)
  • Collaborative project arrangements

2) Managing the front end of a project company

  • Project marketing & selling
  • Integrated solutions

3) Managing the strategic centre in a project company

  • Project business characteristics
  • Project portfolio management
  • Project management office

4) Managing the back end (and supply chain) of a project company

  • Project networks and project supply chains
  • Strategic sourcing
  • Systems integration & modularity

More info:

Course pages for specific universities:

After registration you will be able to login to Åbo Akademi’s Moodle.

Professor in charge: Prof. Kim Wikström, Åbo Akademi (

Contact person in practical matters: Viktor Sundholm, Åbo Akademi (

Other teachers:

Kirsi Aaltonen, University of Oulu

Jaakko Kujala, University of Oulu

Tuomas Ahola, Tampere University

Karlos Artto, Aalto University

Type of study unit



5–20 ECTS

Teaching semester


Host university

Åbo Akademi

Open for degree student


Open for non-student



Aalto University, Tampere University and University of Oulu

Level of studies


General prerequisites

Introduction to project management or other basic course in project management is a prerequisite for the advanced course

Teaching methods

Contact and blended learning

Place of contact learning




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