Safety-critical and autonomous systems

The student will learn in this module the fundamentals to the design of reliable autonomous and distributed systems.  The student will learn methods to sense and collect  data  to  allow  autonomous   systems  to  take  intelligent  decisions development methods at tools to develop  complex systems, and how to ensure that they operate in a reliable and safe way while fulfilling their specification. This module is recommended to students in Information Technology or a closely related field.

Courses included in the programme:

  • Autonomic Software and Systems, 03/2019 (C)
  • Multidimensional sensing techniques 09/2018 (C)
  • Real-time systems (D)
  • Software Safety 01/2019 (C)
  • Control of Discrete Event Systems 09/2018 (C)
  • Specification Methods (2019-2020)
  • Reliable Distributed Systems (2019-2020)
  • Security Engineering (University of Turku, more info coming soon!)

Course pages for specific universities:

Professor in charge: Johan Lilius (

Contact person in practical matters: Ivan Porres (

Other teachers: Sebastien Lafond, Marina Walden, Hannu Toivonen


Type of study unit:






Host university

Åbo Akademi


University of Turku

Programme suitabale for

Courses are especially suitable for master's level students in information Technology or a closely related field.

Methods and location

C=Classroom study in Turku, D=Distance study

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