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Mobile communication systems

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Max amount of FITech students: 15 adult learners

This advanced course on mobile communication systems starts with a clear description of mobile communication networks and its related key technologies. After basics are introduced, contemporary 3GPP standards are covered, with emphasis on 4G (LTE), 4G evolutions (LTE Advanced) and 5G (New Radio). In this part, key aspects of both radio access network and core network parts of the standards are considered. Finally, recent technology developments from the newly developed 5G NR standard beyond terrestrial human-centric communications are approached, including machine-centric communications and non-terrestrial networks, among others.

Course contents

  • Unit 1 Introduction: Mobile networks architecture and key concepts, standardisation of mobile systems, mobile systems evolution, ITU-R activities and IMT vision for contemporary generations, spectrum for mobile systems, 3GPPP standardization and schedule, industrial alliances that influence standardization, use cases and technologies.
  • Unit 2 LTE Radio Access Network and Core Network (4G): LTE requirements and targets, LTE RAN architecture (E-UTRAN),multiple access and modulation schemes (uplink and downlink), LTE frame numerology, frequency bands and duplexing (FDD and TDD), LTE Radio protocols and channels, LTE Radio Resource Management, LTE Core Network architecture (EPS), entities and interfaces, EPC protocols and procedures, LTE session and mobility management.
  • Unit 3 LTE Advanced and its evolutions (4G+): LTE evolutions targets and requirements, LTE Advanced (Pro) technologies, carrier aggregation, Coordinated Multipoint (CoMP) and multi-antenna support (MIMO), LTE Advanced small cell enhancements, dual connectivity and proximity services.
  • Unit 4 New Radio (5G): 5G requirements and targets, NR frame numerology, frequency bands and transmission structure (TDD and FDD), technology components: NR carrier aggregation, Massive MIMO, NR radio protocols and channels, NG-RAN architectures, 5G core network functions and services (NFV/SDN), 5G Core Network protocols and procedures, 5G session and mobility management, network slicing and multi-access edge computing concepts.
  • Unit 5 Beyond human-centric communications (4G+, 5G and 5G+ verticals): Machine-type communications and Narrow-Band IoT, 5G positioning and sensing, non-terrestrial networks (space and aerial), non-public networks (NPN), Vehicle-to-Everything (V2X) and concepts of mobile communications for railways (FRMCS), Industrial-IoT (IIoT) for automation, 5G Multicast broadcast and NR for augmented/extended reality (AR/XR).

Learning outcomes

After the course the students

  • can recognise the evolution path of mobile network standards, with focus from 4G to 5G and beyond
  • can identify the different target goals of 4G/5G classes of services and recognise the requirements that use cases impose into the development towards 5G and beyond
  • is aware of the network architecture and the key technological components of 4G (LTE) and 5G (NR) standards, with emphasis on the radio access network and the key aspects of the core network
  • knows the tools that can be used for the planning of mobile networks deployments and use them to compute link budget in 4G and 5G cellular systems
  • can analyse publications from different sources dealing with beyond 5G technologies and develop communication skills (written and oral) to disseminate group project outcomes.

Completion methods

In-class exercises (30 %), assignments (30 %) and a final examination (40 %)

  • Lectures on Mondays at 14-16 and Wednesdays at 12-14
  • Exercises on Fridays at 10-12
  • Exam 5.12. at 9-12

More information on the Aalto University course page.

You can get a digital badge after completing this course.


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