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FITech to join Women in Tech network

Julkaistu 9.8.2019

Co-operation with Women in Tech supports FITech with its important goals – to respond to the shortage of ICT professionals and strengthen cooperation between universities and companies. FITech also shares Women in Tech’s mission to promote technology careers for women.

FITech Network university offers ICT studies from seven technical universities in Finland. FITech study offering includes almost 150 courses on basic and advanced levels. Basic courses are suitable for professionals from other fields who need to understand ICT, or for people who are planning to move to the ICT field. Advanced courses fit for ICT professionals who want to deepen or update their skills.

The studies are open for everybody. Courses are completely free of charge and they can be studied alongside work!

Get to know FITech ICT courses here.

Read more about Women in Tech here.

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Haku FITechin kesän kursseille on käynnistynyt!

Julkaistu 4.4.2024

Haku FITechin kesän 2024 kursseille on nyt auki! Valikoimasta löytyy yli 100 maksutonta yliopistokurssia. FITechin kesän kurssivalikoimaan sisältyy energiavarastoinnin, tietoliikennetekniikan (5G-teknologia), tietotekniikan (ICT), tuulivoiman ja… Read More

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