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Web development 2 – Architecting

Individual course

Course contents

Core content:

  • Different client-server splits and their implications
  • Basics of REST (not all HTTP APIs are RESTful)
  • Elements of HTTP protocol

Complementary knowledge:

  • Web as a distribution platform – synchronous and asynchronous options.
  • Alternatives to HTTP/REST
  • Dynamic vs static rendering and their implications
  • Packaging and obfuscating
  • Security principles and techniques

Specialist knowledge:

  • Caching and other content management
  • Architectural patterns

Learning outcomes

  • Understanding of web technologies and architecture involved in advanced web applications consisting of client components and server application components.
  • Understanding of web application communication architectures and protocols for distributed, scalable web applications.

Completion methods

Completing the course consists of an individual exam, a (group) project work, and individual assignments.

More information in Tampere University’s course page.

web-kehitys koodaus koodari devaus devaaja web-sovellus protokolla arkkitehtuuri

Responsible teacher

Tampere University
David Hästbacka

Contact person for applications

FITech Network University
Fanny Qvickström, Student services specialist
Application period has ended
Application period has ended
Software systems,
Web programming
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Application period has ended
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Tampere University
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Adult learner,
Degree student
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Course Web development 1 - Programming
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