Oulun yliopisto

Kuva: Ville Pohjonen

For degree students:

University of Oulu offers minor studies in steel know-how. The steel know-how minor focuses on the characteristics of steel and the use of steels in the manufacturing industries.

In co-operation with Åbo Akademi, University of Oulu also offers minor studies on environmental engineering. The minor introduces students to the basics of environmental engineering and provides a good foundation for future studies and practical challenges in the field.

Additionally, University of Oulu offers selection of courses in fields of industrial management and mechanical engineering.

For adult learners:

University of Oulu offers both basic and advanced level studies in computer science. The basic module provides understanding on how computers and software work, especially on a system level. The module also contains basics of python programming. Introduction to artificial intelligence gives a good overview on the subject for those with little or no previous background.

The advanced module is built around artificial intelligence. It offers understanding about the whole processing chain starting from data management and ending in complex deep learning systems. Advanced module is targeted to students with some background in mathematics and statistics. Students who complete this module will acquire skills needed to design and implement intelligent systems and algorithms for wide range of applications.