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FITech network university offers selected studies from all technical universities in Finland.

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FITech offers courses for degree students and adult learners. As a degree student, you can study selected courses from all Finnish universities of technology and build the degree of your dreams.

If you have a bachelor degree in engineering or science (technology), you can complement your degree to Master of Science in technology.

Are you an adult learner without a study right to a Finnish university? Interested in coding or artificial intelligence? Study computer science and upgrade your knowledge.

FITech is a great fit for students of different backgrounds:

  • Credits eligible to be included in your MSc degree
  • New programmes & courses – develop the skills needed in future work life
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    University of Vaasa: Control and simulation of modern electric drives and systems, 5 ECTS. 4.9.–4.11.2019. LUT University: Electric energy conversion systems, 4 ECTS. 2.9.–13.12.2019. Aalto University: Sustainable electronics, 5 ECTS. 12.9.–5.12.2019. Aalto University: Power electronics, 5 ECTS. 13.9.–12.12.2019. Tampere University: Electrical energy storages and electric vehicles, 5 ECTS. 23.10.–19.12.2019. University of Oulu: Small/medium power energy harvesting and storage devices, 5 ECTS. 28.10.–16.12.2019. University of Vaasa: Battery energy storages in smart grids, 5 ECTS. 11.11.–29.11.2019. Aalto University: Electrical energy storage systems, 5 ECTS. 7.1.–11.2.2020. Åbo Akademi: New energy technologies, 5 ECTS. 21.1.–15.3.2020. Aalto University: Smart grid, 5 ECTS. 25.2.–19.5.2020. Åbo Akademi: Gas technology, 5 ECTS. 2.3.–29.4.2020. University of Vaasa: Smart grids – active networks and microgrids, 5 ECTS. 17.3.–14.4.2020.
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    Åbo Akademi: Principles of process engineering, 5 ECTS. 2.9.–25.10.2019. Åbo Akademi: Applied electrochemistry, 5 ECTS. 2.9.–1.11.2019. University of Turku: Electrical transport in solids and interfaces, 5 ECTS. 28.10.–13.12.2019. Åbo Akademi: Combustion chemistry, 5 ECTS. Intensive studies 28.10.–1.11.2019. Åbo Akademi: Chemistry in energy technology, 5 ECTS. Intensive studies 9.–13.3.2020.
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    LUT University: Electricity market, 5 ECTS. 2.9.–18.10.2019. Åbo Akademi: Introduction to gas economy, 5 ECTS. 4.11.–20.12.2019. University of Vaasa: Business models for battery storages, 5 ECTS. 3.2.–23.2.2020.
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