Application process (fall 2024)

FITech studies are organised by all eight universities in the network and additionally the University of Helsinki within the 5G field.

You can choose courses from one or several universities and apply for a study right for each of them. Please notice that in most cases, after getting the study right, you need to enroll to the courses in the university’s own system. You will get instructions from the universities after you have accepted the study place and your study right is registered manually.

Please choose the right application form below.

  • If you are not studying for a degree, choose Adult learner.
  • If you are currently studying for a bachelor’s or master’s degree at a Finnish higher education institution, choose Degree student. Remember to include the FITech studies in your personal study plan (HOPS) before you apply in order to ensure that the studies can be included in your degree.

You need to have a Finnish personal identity code to apply and use Finnish strong e-identification (using e.g. online banking codes with electronic identification activated) to confirm your study place.

Apply for a study right

By filling in one application form, you can apply for courses from different universities. Please apply only to courses that you can complete. The estimated workload for 1 ECTS credit is 27 hours.

We recommend that you use the Finnish strong e-identification right away on the application form. If you don’t have any means of strong e-identification available, it is possible to do the verification procedure later when confirming the study place offered to you.

Make sure that you have filled in all your names and inserted your phone number in the form +358xxxxxxxxx (with country code, no extra spaces). That way the university is able to register your study right correctly.

Wait for the handling of your application

After sending the form, you will receive an automatic confirmation email with a link to edit the application (check also spam folder). You can edit the application within the application period.

The applications are handled mainly after the course’s application period closes. The applications for continously on-going courses are usually handled within a week after you have submitted your application.

Please note that processing times during the summer might be longer, especially in July.

Confirm your study place

You will get a link to confirm your study place in the acceptance email. You will need to log in to the system with your online banking access code and verify your identity. Plese note that accepting the study place is binding.

Please remember to confirm the study place in 7 days!

Once you have confirmed your study place, you will receive more instructions from the university one week before the course start the latest. With continously on-going courses a week after you have confirmed the study place.

The note in the acceptance e-mail mentioning that you can only confirm one study place refers to degree programmes, not FITech courses. I.e. you can confirm multiple FITech study places per semester.

You are an adult learner if:

  • You are not currently studying for a bachelor’s or master’s degree at a Finnish higher education institution.

Doctoral students and high school students should apply as adult learners.

You are a degree student if:

  • You are currently studying for a bachelor’s or master’s degree at a Finnish higher education institute.
  • If you are a degree or PhD student and the course is organised by your home university, simply enrol to the course in the registration system of your university.