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FITech educates targeted technology experts for the needs of Southwest Finland’s business life to accelerate economic growth.

We provide solutions to the engineer shortage in companies located in Southwest Finland. In addition, we make available the right experts for companies and create a community that brings together technology education, students and companies.

Master’s theses are a key way of directing talent towards Southwest Finland. In 2018, a total of 114 master’s theses were done in companies in the SW Finland region.

The potential of master’s theses for companies

In their master’s thesis, the worker participates in carrying out a planning, development or research project for the company. The central goal of the project is to solve a relevant problem in the field by making use of current scientific knowledge and good research methods. Through master’s theses, companies receive the help of practically orientated students for whom the scientific perspective is still freshly available in their memory. Commissioning a master’s thesis is a low risk opportunity for a company to build a relationship with potential future employees, and also allows both the company and thesis worker to assess the other’s suitability for future work.