One of the main goals of FITech Network University is to strenghten the collaboration between universities and companies in industry. This is achieved mainly through studies, e.g. company cases and master’s theses.

Since 2017, a total of 537 master’s theses have been done in companies located in Southwestern Finland.

Find an expert targeted for your company

FITech educates targeted technology experts for the needs of business life of Southwestern Finland to support economic growth.

We provide solutions to the shortage in engineering skills in companies located in Southwestern Finland. In addition, we make right experts available for companies and create a collaboration ecosystem that brings together technology education, students and companies.

The potential of master’s theses for companies

In a master’s thesis, the student is carrying out a planning, development or research project for the company. The central goal of the project is to solve a relevant problem in the field by making use of latest scientific knowledge and good research methods.

Through master’s theses, companies receive the help of practically orientated students for whom the scientific perspective is still freshly available. Students have a relatively long period of time to focus on a delimited problem, hence the topic can be evaluated thoroughly to find most optimal solutions for the overall process.

Commissioning a master’s thesis is a low risk opportunity for a company to build a relationship with potential future employees, and also allows both the company and thesis worker to assess the other’s suitability for future work.

Do you want to organise an online workshop to figure out topics for master’s theses or discuss about possible thesis collaboration with a university? Contact:

Up to date with industry needs

We are updating the estimates of the recruitment plans and know-how needed in the companies in Southwestern Finland yearly. This enables fast adaption to industry needs.

We started with a very high priority of educating and bringing more M.Sc. level employees to the area and recently there has been a shift towards lifelong learning and developing the know-how in the area.

The latest questionnaire was carried out during autumn 2020.