Accessibility courses

Instructions for starting the course

You don’t have to apply for the courses. Just go to the course platform and start studying! You can find the link at the end of this page.

If you want to get the study credits officially registered to Tampere University’s register and receive the FITech digital badge, you need to fill in an application in Studyinfo service (Opintopolku) after completing the course. You will find instructions to do this at the end of the course. Please notice that in order to get the credits registered, you need Finnish strong identification to log into Studyinfo using e.g. online banking credentials.

How to proceed:

Go to the course platform

You will find the course on a separate platform called Digicampus.

Sign in to the platform

You can sign in using either Haka credentials or your Google account. If you don’t have any of these, you can also create a new account on the platform. If you want to browse through the course content without signing in, you can do that as a guest.

To access the courses, please use key 20methods21.

Choose a course

You have over 20 courses to choose from, all covering the various topics of accessibility.

Start studying!

Please remember that your progress on the course will be saved only when signed in.

The course assignments will be checked each period.