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“Let’s learn something new this summer!”

Published 24.9.2019

Summer has ended and so has FITech 3D Summer Boost. Additive manufacturing and 3D printing course was a summer-long adventure of lectures and teamwork between students from different universities.

Additive manufacturing and 3D printing course was full of brilliant ideas. Students had to engage in groups and every group identified a problem, innovated an additive manufacturing solution, designed a model and printed the prototype.

The last obligation for students was the Shark Tank where all teams pitched their innovations to the “Sharks”.

Sharks with sharp points

All the sharks were nice and friendly – thank God. And they also had many interesting points and tips for the students.

All the visiting lecturers were well-known names in the industry and so were the sharks. They are professionals and long-time experts on different 3D printing fields.

Three out of four sharks at Shark Tank.

Students from different fields


“My name is Kellen and I’m from Brazil. I’m studying life science engineering in Aalto University.

I’ve had some experiences of 3D printing classes. It was really interesting and I got also really interested in the technology behind it.

The most interesting part was seeing different areas of 3D printing and in the course specificity the part of business and technology combined together.

If I could 3D print anything in the world, it would be extra arms because the ones I have are not enough.”


“My name is Sangita and I’m from India. I’m a master student in University of Helsinki. My field of studies is physics. In the future, I’m going to do research on that.

I don’t have any previous experience in 3D printing but it just sounded really cool so when I heard about this program I decided that ‘Let’s learn something new this summer!’

For me, the most interesting part has been to learn that there are so many applications currently implemented in 3D printing. It was fascinating to learn that these are the things we already use. Also, to learn more about the business because until now, I have only learned the technical side of things.

If I could 3D print anything in the world, it would be organs because so many people need transplants.”

Sangita and Kellen were eager students in FITech Summer Boost.

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Text & pictures: Iira Lahti

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