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5G – A friendly introduction

Individual course

This course introduces the 5G technology to a broader audience.

5G technology deployment is still at the early stages but its role as a leading standard in mobile communication is imminent with more carriers offering the service around the globe.

  • How big of a change can we expect from the transition from 4G standard?
  • Can this new standard bring significant changes to the existing services and interactions?
  • Is 5G a universal communication solution for any industry?

In this course we will try to answer these questions by analysing the main technologies at the basis of the 5G standard as well as advantages and disadvantages they bring to the industry. We will use some examples of 5G already at work in the industry to illustrate the main points.

Course contents

  • Explain the changes from older technologies
  • Research how some industries might benefit from 5G implementation
  • Explore current state of 5G industry
  • Show economic perspectives of 5G market
  • Explore sustainability impact of new communication

Learning outcomes

The main goal of this course is to make a student familiar with the 5G communication standard from an industrial perspective. A brief introduction of the main technologies and methods like millimetre waves, beam forming, and network slicing will be discussed to give a good foundation for further research. At the end of the course the student will be able to understand basics of technologies used in 5G and understand the impact they bring to energy, transportation and other industries. This will allow the student to better understand how 5G can be used in their field of work and study and spark interest for further research on this topic.

Course material

The course is an online course and the material is found on the course platform.

Teaching schedule

The course does not have a fixed schedule.

Completion methods


More information in the LUT University study guide.

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5G technology, 5G-teknologia, network slicing, edge computing, internet of things, esineiden internet, asioiden internet, IoT, IIoT

Responsible teacher

LUT University
Pedro Nardelli

Contact person for applications

FITech Network University
Fanny Qvickström, Student services specialist
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5G technology,
Communications ecosystems,
Smart systems,
Wireless technology
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Continuously on-going
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Continuously on-going
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LUT University
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Adult learner,
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