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Artificial intelligence & cybersecurity

Individual course

In this MOOC, you will be introduced with basic concepts of cybersecurity and AI.

You will learn what Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Cybersecurity are, how these two are related and in what way these two complement each other. You will also understand cybersecurity threat landscape, AI’s applications and how these applications transforming our lives. You will be exposed to concerns surrounding AI, including how AI can be weaponized against cybersecurity and privacy implications. You will also learn how cybersecurity is salient for AI based systems.

This course is an introductory course for anyone who has a Finnish high school or equivalent qualification. You do not need to have a computer science expertise or a programming language knowledge to take this course. We have made it as simple as possible for you.

Learning outcomes:

  • To introduce basic concepts of cybersecurity and artificial intelligence (AI)
  • To provide an overview of how AI can make our lives better, exemplified by different applications and cases
  • To give an understanding of how AI and cybersecurity interact
  • To provide an overview of how AI can be used to improve cybersecurity
  • To provide an understanding of how AI can be used against cybersecurity

To register the study credits (2 ECTS) for the course, you need to register as a student to Open University at University of Turku at More information is given during the course.

More information can be found on the course web page.

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University of Turku
Timo Vasankari
University of Turku
Heta Tossavainen , Coordinator

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University of Turku
Ali Farooq , Postdoctoral researcher
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ICT Studies
AI and machine learning,
Information security
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