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Autonomic software and systems

Individual course

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Different degrees of autonomy are pervasive in modern ICT systems. The driver towards more autonomy is the need to handle the complexity of the systems while at the same time increase the quality (efficiency, safety, etc) of the resulting system. For example the promise of autonomous vehicles is to increase service levels for customers, while at the same time decreasing the overall carbon-footprint of traffic. Analogously in datacenters autonomy is used to guarantee QoS for services, while optimising the energy-expenditure of the computing infrastructure.

In this course we will study the principles of autonomy for ICT systems using the Mape-K reference architecture. We will present a comprehensive framework for the design of autonomic systems irrespective of their levels of autonomy, and their application areas.

Course content:

  • Autonomic computing examples
  • Autonomic computing architectures
  • The monitoring function
  • Control systems
  • The adaptation function
  • The decision function
  • Evaluation issues

The course consists of lectures, exercises, and a project. The project is either a research project reported in writing, or a programming project using the simulator. You will need to give a presentation based on the project.

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