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Business models and ecosystems

Individual course

The course gives an advanced understanding of the key characteristics of industrial project business and its special management functions and areas.

Focusing on industrial projects globally and how they are carried out to deliver and integrate new technologies and complex systems in a multi-stakeholder environment, this course goes through techniques, tools and methods for the management of project networks, project firms, and project business networks.

After examination the student will be know how to map, analyse and design business models from an ecosystem perspective.

Generic skills:

  • Information searching skills
  • Problem solving skills
  • Team work ability
  • Written and oral presentation skills
  • Argumentation and opposing skills
  • Ability to give, receive and deal with feedback
  • Ability to work against deadlines

Taking the course

  • Timetable of the learning sessions can be found from the link below
  • Examination is divided into three parts. Individual open-book exam (40%), individual assignments (30%) writing of a business plan as a group (or individually) and its presentation (30%). Additionally, students can collect 10% as a bonus from activity.
  • There is no obligatory attendance in class, but to achieve the best grades and get the most out of the course without excessive effort, some attendance is recommended. If it is difficult for you to attend the learning sessions in class, you can take the course through Moodle and do your presentation on through the internet.

More info in Åbo Akademi’s course page.

NB! You will find this course under the name “FITech-Tku Fall 2020” on the Degree students’ application form and under the name “FITech-ES Fall 2020” on the Adult learners’ application form.

Responsible teachers

Åbo Akademi
Magnus Hellström
Åbo Akademi
Jonas Spohr

Contact person for applications

Monica Sandberg , Study services designer
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Technical studies
Industrial engineering and management
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Adult learner,
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