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Computer networking II

Individual course

During this course the student will:

  • understand routing protocols and their functions;
  • be able to study the most important architectures and mechanisms for QoS provisioning in the Internet;
  • learn how to provide secure communications in computer networks;
  • identify QoS requirements of various applications and choose protocols to support them;
  • will have an opportunity to design a corporate network in a lab.

The course includes a short introduction to network security and protocol design. Additionally, the course provides a survey of modern Internet technologies such as MPLS, cloud computing, distributed file systems, as well as future internet technologies such as IPv6, Internet of things etc.

Course contents


  • Interior and exterior gateway protocols
  • Virtual private networks with IPsec
  • Mobile IP
  • SDN, future network technologies

Quality of service assurance:

  • IntServ, DiffServ
  • Queuing disciplines and traffic shaping
  • Label switching with MPLS

Network security:

  • Cryptographic algorithms overview
  • Network security protocols
  • Defense solutions


  • IoT application layer protocols
  • Session control protocols
  • Voice over IP
  • P2P fundamentals, device-to-device communication
  • Network management

Network design:

  • Configuring VPNs
  • Designing routing and VLANs
  • Practical experience in the lab

Learning outcomes

After completing the course, the student will be able to design, configure and maintain a large office network, as well as analyse its performance through measurements and simulation.

Course material

Lecture notes, slides and other complementary materials.

Lecture recordings and other materials are available on the course platform.


The course will primarily be based on flexible self-studying.

Completion methods

Exam and successful completion of homework exercises and laboratory assignment. For FITech students, flexible mechanisms are pursued.

More information in the Tampere University’s study guide.

You can get a digital badge after completing this course.

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Responsible teacher

Tampere University
Juha Vihervaara

Further information about courses and studying

Tampere University
Mikko Valkama, 5G coordinator

Contact person for applications

FITech Network University
Fanny Qvickström, Student services specialist
Application period has ended
Application period has ended
5G technology,
Industrial internet,
Internet technology
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Study credits:
0 €
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Application period has ended
Host university:
Tampere University
Who can apply:
Adult learner,
Degree student
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General prerequisites:
Very basics of computer networks and programming.
Course suitable for:
For all who want to take a bit deeper dive into computer networks and Internet technology.
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