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Design of WWW services

Individual course

The course deals with designing and implementing WWW sites and interactive services on the Web.

Guest lecturers from academia and industry cover relevant aspects, such as various Web service implementation techniques, usability, web service life span, graphic design, usability, and information security.

The project work done in groups consists of designing and implementing a WWW service and documenting the development process.

During the course,

  • you will go through the whole process of creating a finalized WWW service ready to be used by external users.
  • you will gain an understanding of important aspects of WWW development, including service design (user categorization, functional design, information architecture, information security, graphic design, usability, etc.), service implementation (markup languages, Web programming languages and frameworks, databases, etc.), and content development (content production, copyrights, etc.).
  • you will practice your skills while planning and implementing your service and documenting service development process in a sizable project work exercise. After the course, you will be able to develop a WWW service.

Assessment methods and criteria: The course teaching consists of lectures and project work done in groups. The grading is 100% based on the project work, which consists of three phases: design phase, demo phase, and final phase. Students receive points after each phase; final grade is given based on the total number of points.

Workload: Lectures 24 h (2 x 2 h/week, 12 times), group work 106 h (= 130 h in total).

More information in Aalto University’s WebOodi course page.

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Basic Web development skills.
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