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Digital design

Individual course

On this course, you will learn how to design digital systems using FPGA platforms. Our special focus area is state machine design, but we cover also combinational gate networks.

This is a self-study implementation of the course, where everything can be done remotely except the final exam. You will have access to lecture videos that teach you the theory, and you will do both theoretical and practical exercises that are returned electronically. The practical exercises are completed using real FPGA boards that you can access at the computer laboratory, or you can obtain your own FPGA board and do everything remotely.

This course gives knowledge of specification, design, implementation and analysis of digital systems. Students learn to know the theory of combinatorial and sequential systems, especially the design of state machines. Students master state-of-the art design tools, and can select the best specification and implementation description for typical design tasks. FPGA platforms are used to carry out real implementations. After the course, students can implement real FPGA-based digital systems.

Course requirements:

Completed theoretical and practical exercises and electronic exam.

You can study this course online if you purchase the following device (link).

More information in Tampere University’s study guide.

You can get a digital badge after completing this course.

digitaalinen suunnittelu, konesuunnittelu, digitaaliset järjestelmät

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