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Individual course

Course content:

  • electrochemical cells (components, properties, reactions)
  • potential and cell voltage
  • most common electrochemical measurement methods (current-voltage curves, impedance spectroscopy)

Understanding of fundamentals of electrochemical systems and measurement methods is a prerequisite for understanding of operation and characterization of batteries and other electrochemical energy storages devices.

After the course, the student will understand thermodynamics in electrolyte solutions and concept of electrochemical cells and will be familiar with the most common electrochemical measurement techniques. Such topics as electrochemical cells (components, properties, reactions), concepts of potential and cell voltage, most common electrochemical measurement methods (current-voltage curves, impedance spectroscopy) will be studied at the course.

Course is entirely online and can be taken from distance, no requirements for attendance.

Responsible teacher

Aalto University
Tanja Kallio

Contact person for applications

Pilvi Lempiäinen, Head of study services
Application period has ended
Application period has ended
Applications and technologies of energy storages,
Chemistry and materials of energy storages
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0 €
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Application deadline:
Application period has ended
Host university:
Aalto University
Who can apply:
Adult learner,
Degree student
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General prerequisites:
Fundamentals of chemical thermodynamics, inorganic chemistry, physics and calculus
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