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Enterprise systems architecture

Individual course

Max amount of FITech students: 10

Persons without a valid study right at a Finnish university or university of applied sciences have preference to this course.

The course gives an introduction to the roles of information in general and different information systems in particular within an enterprise context, the fundamentals of an enterprise architecture as well as its management and governance.

During the course, you will learn the core information systems of an enterprise, such as enterprise resource planning (ERP), customer relationship management (CRM), data warehousing (DW), business intelligence (BI), product data management (PDM), enterprise content management (ECM).

The course covers both theory and relevant practical examples from different enterprises and industry sectors.

After the course the student understands

  • the role of technology and information systems (IS) within an enterprise context
  • the concepts of the core business processes their relationship to information systems
  • the role of and the need for an enterprise architecture.

Teaching methods

The lectures will be held online on Thursdays at 14:15–16:00. The exam will be held on the Otaniemi campus in Espoo on 18.10.2022 at 9:00–12:00.

More information on Aalto University’s course page.

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Responsible teacher

Aalto University
Kari Hiekkanen

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Aalto University
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Contact person for applications

FITech Network University
Fanny Qvickström, Student services specialist
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Aalto University
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Adult learner
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General prerequisites:
Basic knowledge of information technology and programming
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People with strategy or information technology background
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