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Gamification: A walkthrough of how games are shaping our lives

Individual course

The course gives a broad overview of how games and game-related technologies shape our lives. The course enables the student to understand and analyse the pervasiveness of games and game-related technologies in different domains of culture and society, how they affect and shape our behaviours and interactions with the world.

After completing the course, the students have an overview of e.g. the following topics:

  • Relevant terminology and background of gamification
  • Theoretical background, e.g. psychological and behaviour change related aspects of gamification
  • Design aspects related to gamification
  • Virtual and game economies
  • eSports and other forms of games as work
  • Gamification of media
  • AR and VR technologies
  • Gamification of health
  • Gamification of education

The course consists of 10 lectures and assignments. Depending on the situation with the pandemic, the lectures might be delivered online.

Students are primarily graded based on two sets of assignments:

  1. learning diaries and peer review of learning diaries
  2. final group essay, presentation, and peer-review at the seminar.

Additional credits can be acquired for attending lectures.

More information in Tampere University’s study guide.

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Tampere University
Juho Hamari

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Pilvi Lempiäinen, Head of study services
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Application period has ended
Game development,
Software engineering
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