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Human-centered product development

Individual course

Core content

  • Human-centered design (HCD) process, user needs and requirements in product development. Knowing and choosing suitable basic HCD methods for different phases of product development. Gathering user and experience related information and simple analysis of the gathered data.
  • Human-centered design in lean product development. Methods based on HCD approach suitable for exploration of opportunities and needs, ideation, identifying and creating the value proposition, rapid prototyping, and testing with a learning launch artifacts and communication of value proposition. Creating artifacts, e.g. stakeholder map, story board, persona to support design activities based on the collected information.
  • The life cycle of software product development project, the parts of the life cycle and their meaning in interactive product development.
  • Phases of team formation. Functioning, communicating and collaborating in development teams. Roles of UX experts in product development.
  • Planning the human-centered design process in product development project together with the team members. Carrying out the work.
  • Identification and use of various sources of information for human-centered product development: academic, commercial, future technology trends, log data, competitive products, online and social media, and other relevant sources of information and inspiration.

Learning outcomes

After completing the course, the student understands how to take user needs and requirements into account when developing interactive products in general and in software projects in particular. The student can apply a lean human-centered design process in design and development activities.

The student also knows how to

  • describe the whole life cycle of product development, the parts of the life cycle and their meaning in interactive product development.
  • identify suitable human centered methods for different situations and phases of product development.
  • evaluate analytically the functioning of a cross-functional team.
  • apply human centered design in lean product development projects.
  • plan the usability/user experience work in a development project together with the team members.
  • identify and exploit academic, commercial, and other relevant sources of information and inspiration to support human-centered product development.

Completion methods

The course includes an introduction lecture, weekly workshops and team assignment.

More information in the Tampere University study guide.

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käytettävyys, UX, käyttäjäkokemus, UI, tuotekehitys, elinkaariajattelu, ihmiskeskeinen käyttäjäkeskeinen suunnittelu prototyyppi

Responsible teacher

Tampere University
Jari Varsaluoma

Further information about the studies

Tampere University
Teemu Rauhala, ICT coordinator

Contact person for applications

FITech Network University
Fanny Qvickström, Student services specialist
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Application period has ended
User interfaces and usability
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Tampere University
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Concepts and methods of usability/UX and human centered design and how to apply them in practice in task analysis, user studies, usability testing, and expert evaluation.
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