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Introduction to API economy

Individual course

During this course, the student will learn the basics of why API economy is important part of economy, and how to inject APIs into the strategy of an organisation. The focus of this course is more in providing open APIs than in internal or private APIs, but you will get to understand all types of APIs.

The course is structured so that you will first learn about the relationship of APIs to business models, including the platform economy as a business model. Then you will learn how to create value through APIs by designing them the right way. You will also learn the basics of attracting the most important customer group, the API consumers, mostly developers and their managers.

Course contents

  1. What is API Economy
  2. Basics of how to create competitive, smart offering with APIs
  3. The difference between business models and APIs in platforms, platform economy or partner ecosystems

Teaching methods

The course is continuously on-going and can be taken fully online. You can start completing the course on the course platform, but remember to also apply to the course on FITech website. Please use the same email for the course platform registration as you use in the course application.

More information in the Tampere University study guide.

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FITech Network University
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