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Introduction to engine laboratory research

Individual course

Please note! Some changes will be made to the study materials on 3.10.2022. This will cause a temporary break of approximately one (1) day. In order to complete the course exercises, we advise the students to make sure they complete the course 30.9.2022 the latest.  After the update, the course will re-open.

This introductory course creates a pathway to minor studies in energy technology.

Learning outcome

After completing the course the student has basic knowledge of the marine engine research environment at the University of Vaasa. The course develops analysis skills and written communication skills.


Virtual tours to the marine engine laboratory and fuel laboratory. Introduction of different engine components and monitoring devices. Presentation of laboratory equipment and measuring instruments. Exercises and mathematical problems concerning basic research methods in laboratories.

Execution methods

Virtual learning environment through LearnDash. Written assignment (report).

Completion methods

Approved report including the calculations/solved problems.

Get to know the course details here (PDF).

Responsible teacher

University of Vaasa
Anne Mäkiranta

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Technical studies
Energy engineering,
Mechanical engineering
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Continuously on-going
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Continuously on-going
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University of Vaasa
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Adult learner,
Degree student
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