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Management of cyber security

Individual course

This course targets advanced knowledge about cyber security and its domains.

After the course, the student

  • recognizes the need for cybersecurity measures and has the knowledge of the techniques and methods to bring them into place
  • understands the information assurance fundamentals (CIA + Parker + ISO), cryptography techniques, operating systems and application security, threats, vulnerabilities and attacks, security models, security analysis and security design, risk management and risk mitigation, physical security, compliance, standards, policies and best practices, cybersecurity frameworks and finally the main authority organizations
  • understands about the social responsibility associated with cybersecurity, the related matters as/to business, legalization and privacy and finally the balance between the social business benefits and cybersecurity practices
  • is able to apply cyber security practices and the mitigation techniques to avoid attacks and violations in an organization and to use the main software tools for cyber security management
  • has learned organizational operation skills, interpersonal skills, problem-solving and decision-making skills as well as critical thinking.

Teaching methods:

The course will be given as article-based, which consists of chapters from the main references in this field. Moreover, the course will be merely based on active participation, not traditional lecturing.

A brief introduction will be given. Then tasks will be distributed among students to work in groups and to write reports. Each group will make a presentation in their week. The course will be taught on distance learning basis.

More information on University of Vaasa’s course page.

Responsible teacher

University of Vaasa
Tero Vartiainen

Contact person for applications

Pilvi Lempiäinen , Head of study services
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ICT Studies
Information security
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