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Management of ICT function

Individual course

Max amount of FITech students: 30 adult learners

This course focuses on the connection between information and communication technology (ICT) and its utilisation for better business functionality.

Course contents

The business dependence on ICT is clear, and thus understanding the needs and connecting them with the available technological options is no more voluntary. Many concepts would fit under this concept, for instance: enterprise resource planning (ERP), enterprise architecture (EA), information technology (IT) infrastructure, management, business applications, and many others.

Learning outcomes

After the course, the student recognises different ICT services and has the knowledge and techniques required to utilise them efficiently to serve the business model. The student understands about concepts of IT governance, information system planning, digital transformation strategies, information officer role and IT integration procedures.

Course material

Many modules will be given to cover these topics throughout the course. On the practical side, selective business cases and interactive sessions are given to promote the student’s analysis skills and to make sure they fully understand and adopt the given management practices.

Completion methods

Written learning tasks and reading research articles assigned in the course.

More information on University of Vaasa’s course page. Detailed information about the autumn course implementation will be available in Peppi.

You can get a digital badge after completing this course.

johtaminen liiketoiminta IT liiketoimintamalli strategia projektipäällikkö projektinhallinta

Responsible teacher

University of Vaasa
Tero Vartiainen

Contact person for applications

FITech Network University
Fanny Qvickström, Student services specialist
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Application period has ended
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