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Object oriented programming with C++

Individual course

Course contents

  • Basic concepts of C++
  • Object oriented programming and generic programming in C++
  • C++ standard library
  • Tools for robust programming

Learning outcomes

After completing the course, the student knows the principles and concepts of the object oriented programming with C++ programming language and can produce programs in C++ language.

Completion methods

The course will be held online. You may attend online exercise session(s) to get help with programming tasks. Online exercise session are Tue 16:15-18:00, Thu 16:15-18:00, Fri 10:15-14:00. Exercise times may change thus please check timetable at the beginning of the course. In addition to the smaller programming exercises, there is a programming project that is done in a group.

More information on Aalto University’s course page.

You can get a digital badge after completing this course.

Responsible teacher

Aalto University
Yusein Ali

Further information about the studies

Aalto University
Kirsi Viitaharju

Contact person for applications

FITech Network University
Fanny Qvickström, Student services specialist
Application starts on 1.6.2023
Application starts on 1.6.2023
ICT Studies
5G technology,
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0 €
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Host university:
Aalto University
Who can apply:
Adult learner,
Degree student
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General prerequisites:
Basic programming skills with some other programming language are beneficial but not nessessary.
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