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Power electronic application in smart grids

Individual course

This course will cover following topics:

  • Brief introduction to power electronics
  • Different topologies of power electronics converter (AC/DC, DC/DC converter interfaces of distributed energy resources)
  • Power electronic applications and power quality (grid side filters of inverters/converters and their design), PQC – Power quality conditioners, charging of electric vehicles and effect of power quality, FACTS, SVC, STATCOM
  • Wind turbine systems
  • PV system
  • Battery energy storage system
  • Visiting lecturer from industry
  • DC, hybrid AC/DC distribution/Microgrid
  • Power electronics based solid-state transformers for future smart grids, or power electronics based circuit-breakers e.g. for future microgrids

After completing this course successfully, the student

  • understands basic concept of power electronics systems and semi-conductor switches as well as power electronic converter topologies, their control dynamics and design for power electronic devices / interfaces
  • has knowledge about power electronic applications and power quality as well as wind, PV, and BESS systems power electronics interface and power electronics based solid-state transformers for future smart grids.

Moreover, course develops lifelong learning and interpersonal skills.

Teaching methods: Real-time lectures and exercises, the recordings are available afterwards.

More information in University of Vaasa’s course page.

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University of Vaasa
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University of Vaasa
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Adult learner,
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Basics about power electronics and electrical engineering
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