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Privacy and security for software systems

Individual course

Security, privacy, and data protection are increasingly important for software systems and information technology in general. None of the concepts can be separated from each other. Thus, after this course, the participants will have advanced and holistic understanding of privacy and data protection on one hand and security on the other. In addition to exposing the participants to contemporary academic research on the subject matters, the course has a practical engineering focus for developing and maintaining secure and compliant software that conforms with recent regulations, including the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in particular. In terms of security, the focus is on information security.

Acquired knowledge and skills include:

  • Basic properties of software security (confidentiality, integrity, accessibility) and the forms of resources to be protected
  • Software security threats, broad set of basic countermeasures and software related techniques
  • A good understanding about information security, including software vulnerabilities and their manifestations in concrete software systems.
  • The historical, philosophical, and legal background of privacy and data protection. Familiarity with the concept of privacy engineering.
  • A thorough understanding of the GDPR with a specific focus on software development, compliance, and requirements.
  • Acquaintance with data privacy and anonymization, including k-anonymity, l-diversity, and differential privacy.
  • Insights about state-of-the-art academic privacy research.

After the course, the students

  • know the basic elements of software security and privacy.
  • are familiar with secure software engineering practices and techniques.
  • know a broad set of software security threats and possible countermeasures.
  • have a good knowledge of software vulnerabilities, their discovery and manifestations in software.
  • have a broad understanding of GDPR, its elements, with a specific focus on software development.
  • know the historical, philosophical and legal background of privacy and data protection.
  • are familiar with privacy engineering and its core concepts.

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Responsible teachers

University of Turku
Ville Leppänen, Professor
University of Turku
Jukka Ruohonen

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FITech Network University
Monica Sandberg, Student services specialist
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Information security
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University of Turku
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Adult learner,
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Advanced courses or comparable knowledge on security (e.g., DTEK8025 or DTEK0039), software engineering (e.g., DTEK8098), and machine learning (e.g., TKO_3103) are recommended but not mandated.
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