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Refrigeration engineering

Individual course

The course aims to present the theoretical background of refrigeration engineering, give an introduction to equipment lay-out in the field and address developments and new trends.

Topics of the course are vapour-compression, absorption and expansion processes for refrigeration, refrigerant media, process equipment characteristics, food refrigeration, air conditioning, liquefaction of gases, refrigeration technology for natural gas (LNG) and hydrogen, new concepts such as heat pumps, heat pipes etc.

The student will extend their basic knowledge of thermodynamics and process equipment to the field of temperatures below that of the surroundings, down to the region of liquid hydrogen. Air conditioning is also addressed.

More information on Åbo Akademi’s course page.

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Responsible teacher

Åbo Akademi
Ron Zevenhoven

Contact person for applications

FITech Network University
Fanny Qvickström, Student services specialist
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Applications and technologies of energy storages,
Industrial engineering and management
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Åbo Akademi University
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