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Spoken interfaces

Individual course

On this course, you will learn how speech can be used to interact with technology.

Course contents

The thematic module covers the main principles of speech-based human-technology interaction, focusing on spoken interfaces which facilitate accessibility and agent design for spoken interfaces. This includes both speech output (e.g., spoken prompts for people with visual disabilities) and speech input (e.g., speech control for physically disabled personnel). The students will also be introduced to different voice assistants and how they are being used in facilitating accessibility in the real world.

Learning outcomes

After completing this thematic module, the student will

  • know the principles of spoken interaction and the main technologies and methods to create accessible spoken interfaces.
  • gain insights in applying voice assistants to enhance accessibility.

Course material

All materials can be found from Digicampus Moodle. The course key is ”20methods21”.

Completion methods

Independent assignments and final essay. The course can be completed at your own pace.

You can get a digital badge after completing this course.

Saavutettavuus puhekäyttöliittymä

Responsible teacher

Tampere University
Pauliina Baltzar, Doctoral Researcher
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User interfaces and usability
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Study credits:
0 €
Course level:
Teaching period:
Continuously on-going
Application deadline:
Continuously on-going
Host university:
Tampere University
Who can apply:
Adult learner,
Degree student
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General prerequisites:
Basic understanding of accessibility, for example the course Fundamentals of Accessibility
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