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Thermal energy storage systems

Individual course

This course introduces system level approach to thermal energy storage (TES), considering the fundamentals of TES, and how it can improve the sustainability of energy systems.

TES is introduced by assessing the need for its application, including excess heat from industrial and energy sector installations, production and demand mismatch (especially with RES production) and the role of consumer side incentive such as dynamic electricity and heat tariffs. A common approach is taken to all TES technologies emphasising the importance of temperatures and timescale (seasonal vs short term).

The use of TES at different levels is then assessed as follows:

  1. Power plants, industrial level, including use of DH network for storage
  2. Community level e.g. ATES, BTES, CTES, PTES
  3. Buildings e.g. thermal mass, phase change materials, chemical storage, DSM with HP ground heat storage (rock/soil)

After the course, the students can

  1. prepare fundamental heat and mass balances of thermal energy storages
  2. connect the need for thermal energy storage created by both RES-Electricity and RES-Heat
  3. compare functioning of different energy storage technologies & materials
  4. characterise energy storage by technology, temperature, and timescale
  5. apply thermal energy storages for a case study.

Course is entirely online and can be taken from distance, no requirements for attendance.

More information on the course page.

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Responsible teacher

Aalto University
Annukka Santasalo-Aarnio

Contact person for applications

Monica Sandberg , Student services specialist
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Energy storages
Applications and technologies of energy storages
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