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Web and mobile programming

Individual course

The web and mobile programming course introduces modern programming techniques in web and mobile environments. In web environment, the course discusses developing modern single-page applications. The course concentrates on full stack development; the student will gain basic skills in both client-side and server-side programming. The discussed topics and technologies include e.g. HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript programming, ReactJS, Node.js, REST and MongoDB.

In mobile environment, the course covers modern technologies in mobile programming, e.g. building a mobile application using React Native. Understanding the concepts of web and mobile programming is supported with practical examples and e.g. by introducing development tools and debugging.

The student learns to:

  • explain and apply the techniques and basic principles of web and mobile programming.
  • program simple applications with JavaScript.
  • build client-side user interfaces and components with the React technology.
  • describe and apply the HTTP protocol and the REST architecture.
  • create server-side Node.js applications and use the npm package manager.
  • handle HTTP requests and use databases on the server side.
  • debug full stack applications.
  • implement simple mobile applications with modern technology.
  • explain the basic functionality of mobile platforms and operating systems.

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Application period has ended
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Web programming
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Basics of object-oriented programming
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