Upgrade your knowledge and study ICT courses with FITech!

Digitalisation is changing working life and professions

The way we work is changing, and it creates new demands for constantly updating our skills and knowledge. Information technology has spread to almost all areas of work, and artificial intelligence changes many professions in the future.

Are you wondering how to update your knowledge?

FITech network university helps with the challenges caused by digitalisation. We help you to maintain your skills and knowledge up to date.

This way, you will ensure your competitiveness also in the future job market.

FITech offers selected courses from seven technical universities in Finland!

Whether you are interested in artificial intelligence, machine learning, data science or just want to learn programming from scratch or deepen your programming knowledge, you will find these and much more in FITech ICT study offering.

FITech ICT is especially suitable for people who have studied in a university or university of applied sciences but don’t have a valid study right at the moment.

Nevertheless, if you are a degree student in some Finnish university, you can still apply for the courses.

Most of the courses are delivered online and all of them are free of charge.

Get to know FITech study offering and apply for the courses here!

Step-by-step application

  1. Choose a course or multiple courses that you want to study.
  2. Click on the ‘Application process’ button on the course page.
  3. Fill in the course name(s) in Studyinfo (Opintopolku), as well as your personal information.
  4. Once your application is accepted, you will receive an information email about your study right.
  5. Confirm your study place in Studyinfo.
  6. Remember that you might need to sign up for the courses in the university’s own system! You will receive IT credentials to do that.
  7. Enjoy your studies!

Click here for detailed instructions for applying to courses.

Not sure where to start? Answer the Big pICTure questionnaire!

The questionnaire maps one’s starting level on different areas of ICT. Based on your answers, you will receive course recommendations from FITech study offering.

Click here for the questionnaire!

Do you have questions about applying? Check out our frequently asked questions!