Information security

Security is crucial for every organisation. Do you want to learn how to improve the security of your company? These courses teach you have to develop secure systems and how to master cyber-security.

Information security courses:

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Aalto University: Information security (CS-C3130), 5 ECTS. 10.9.–24.10.2019.

Apply before Sep 3, 2019

Course level: Basic

Language: English

Prerequisites: Programming skills, broad knowledge computer-science concepts.

Course content: Security models and terminology, authentication, access control, software security, cryptography, network security, threat analysis, examples of advanced security technologies, privacy, security policies and regulation.

After taking the course, you are familiar with the key concepts and abstractions of information security and understand the purpose, function and weaknesses of several security technologies. You are able to model threats and analyse the security of a system critically, from the viewpoint of an attacker. Moreover, you can identify common security flaws in software and apply principles of secure programming.

The course is organised online except for the exam at Aalto University’s Otaniemi campus.

More information on Aalto University’s WebOodi page.

Responsible teacher: Tuomas Aura (tuomas.aura(at)

University of Turku: System and application security (DTEK8025), 5 ECTS. 2.9.–27.10.2019.

Apply before Aug 18, 2019

Course level: Advanced

Language: English

Prerequisites: Basic course on network technologies.

After the course the participants will have advanced knowledge of the characteristics of computer systems and applications that are critical in terms of information security. The participants will develop advanced expertise in the role of information security in computer systems and application software. Participants have advanced understanding on the vulnerabilities in networked systems and how a malicious party may try to exploit them, and how to make systems and software safe and secure by design instead of considering safety and security as added features.

Course content:

  • Fundamentals of cyber security
  • Malicious software: infection methods and strategies, hiding strategies, malware detection
  • WLAN encryption and security
  • Server weaknesses and exploits
  • Software safety and security, system safety and security by design

Responsible teacher: Seppo Virtanen (seppo.virtanen(at)

More info on University of Turku’s study guide.

University of Vaasa: Management of cyber security (TITE3370), 5 ECTS. Spring 2021.

Course level: Advanced

Language: English

This course is part of University of Vaasa’s study module Robust intelligent systems.

The course is organised according to lectures’ schedule. Attendance is not mandatory since lectures are also recorded.

This course targets advanced knowledge about cyber security and its domains.

After the course, the student recognises the need for cybersecurity measures and has the knowledge of the techniques and methods to bring them into place. The student understands about the information assurance fundamentals (CIA +  Parker + ISO), cryptography techniques, operating systems and application security, threats, vulnerabilities and attacks, security models, security analysis and design, risk management and risk mitigation, physical security, compliance, standards, policies and best practices, cybersecurity frameworks, and finally the main authority organisations.

On the course, there will be co-operation with Wärtsilä, ABB, VEO, Elisa Santa Monica, Verizon and others.

More information on University of Vaasa’s WebOodi page.

Responsible teacher: Tero Vartiainen (tero.vartiainen(at)
Other teachers: Bahaa Eltahawy, Duong Dang

Further information:

Aalto University:

Minna Kivihalme (minna.kivihalme(at)

University of Turku:

Timo Vasankari (timo.vasankari(at)

University of Vaasa:

Maria Tuuri (maria.tuuri(at)

Contact person, applications:

Pilvi Lempiäinen (pilvi.lempiainen(at)

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