Project Management

Participating in the course gives the student excellent capabilities in how projects are conducted and the requirements in international project business. This course is also a part of the Project & Industrial Management minor (20 ECTS).

The course focuses on basic project management methods. Nowadays, companies apply project management basics in many different areas, and therefore the basics is a relevant area for industry employees.  After the course the student:

  • Knows the most important areas of project management and relevant concepts related to it
  • Knows and can use central methods in project management
  • Can apply project management methods when leading different projects
  • Knows current trends in project management


The Project Management -course will be implemented as a online and it includes two optional contact lessons. The next course will start in Fall 2019.

The course is also available for company representatives for free!

More info:

Professor in charge: Professor Kim Wikstrom, Åbo Akademi (

Contact person in practical matters: Viktor Sundholm, Åbo Akademi (

Other teachers:

Kirsi Aaltonen, University of Oulu (,

Jaakko Kujala, University of Oulu (,

Tuomas Ahola, Tampere University of Technology ( and

Karlos Artto, Aalto University (

Type of study unit:

Individual course



Teaching semester

Fall 2019

Host university

Åbo Akademi


Tampere University of Technology, University of Oulu and Aalto University.

Open for non student


Level of studies



Online. Two optional contact seminars in Turku.


Online & Turku

Programme suitable for

Also suitable for company representatives



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