FITech Summer Boost 2022: Essentials of Project Management

Update your project management skills this summer

Knowledge and experience in project management is a highly valued skill in the modern working life where change and development are constant. No matter what kind of organisation and industry, project management skills are needed and appreciated.

This summer you have a unique opportunity to study the essentials of project management free of charge and enter the autumn with an updated skillset!

FITech offers a possibility to start from the level you want, whether you are a beginner or ready to dive into advanced topics in the field of project management. Summer Boost 2022 consists of two separate courses, and you can apply to both or just the one you need to supplement your skills.

This course introduces the ways of working, terminology, and methods of project management.

During the first part of Summer Boost, you will learn how projects are organized, planned, kicked off and managed as part of other daily operations of a company. This online course starts on 23 May, and the application period ends on 15 May. You can study the course independently both in English and in Finnish. The course has two exercise rounds with fixed submission deadlines, and an online exam will be held at the end of the course.
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The course focuses on more advanced topics of project management from the strategic viewpoint and value creation perspective.

Responsibility and sustainability in projects and project networks with different collaboration models are also covered. The course provides in-depth understanding on these themes and other related topics. The second course starts on 15 August, and the application period ends on 8 August. The course consists of 7 online lectures held on Mondays and Thursdays, and the lectures have pre-assignments. There will also be a final essay. The teaching language is English.
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Information about studying

You can choose to study both courses or just one. Start by estimating how much time do you have for studying. Please keep in mind that the estimated workload for 1 ECTS credit is 27 hours. Also remember to familiarise yourself with the possible prerequisites of the courses and evaluate whether the course is suitable for you.

After completing your studies, don’t forget to apply for a digital badge! More information about the badges can be found here.