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FITech ICT studies support in career change

Heini Ailio

Education: Master of Arts (MA) in International Business Administration
Applied to: Introduction to artificial intelligence

About a year ago, Heini Ailio found data analytics and since then it has been clear to her that her future dream job is Data Scientist.

The topic had come up during her previous studies but now it felt more interesting than ever. This was the direction she had been looking for her career.

“I’m interested in future trends. I read about the most wanted jobs of the future in Harward Business Review and had a eureka moment”, says Ailio.

Ailio holds a Masters degree in economics and her background is in sales and consulting. At the end of the year 2019, she left her job and decided to focus solely on studying.

“I would like to work with data analytics and problem-solving. I missed mathematics and numbers!” she says.

Business knowledge is an important part of the Data Scientist job description, so Ailio’s education and knowledge support it well.

“A good sequel to Elements of AI”

Heini Ailio has studied the courses offered by FITech Network University full-time during the spring 2020. She completed a course Introduction to artificial intelligence which, in her words, was “a good, low threshold course” and gave an overall presentation of the world of AI.

“It was a general outline of the topic. A good sequel to the course Elements of AI”, she says.

There is no need to write code, so programming skills are not necessary. Ailio says that the course materials are of good quality and they help to understand the topic well.

“The course clarified the opportunities and concepts of different technologies.”

Studying high-class university courses is essential

According to Heini Ailio, learning new things feels inspiring and energising.

The possibility to study quality university courses to add to one’s CV has had a crucial role in the  transition from working to studying  full-time.

“FITech courses have made it possible that I can consider a career change for real”, she says.