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FITech course offers IT professionals the opportunity to develop their in-depth knowledge

Jari Huoppila

Education: MSc. in electrical engineering
Occupation: Senior Developer
Applied to: Microservice architectures and serverless computing
When the Microservice architectures and serverless computing course on software architecture started at Aalto University, the first question the teacher asked the students was:… Continue Reading

Sini Syvänen found new insights for her career on FITech energy transition course

Sini Syvänen

Age: 34
Education: Master of Science (Tech.)
Applied to: Battery energy storages in smart grids
When Sini Syvänen was a university student in electrical engineering a decade ago, energy transition wasn’t a topic that got a lot of mentions in… Continue Reading

A passion for learning new things leads to new opportunities

Marika Leed

Occupation: Project manager
Applied to: Software and system architectures, Information security
Learning new things can be considered a way of life. Marika Leed is a living proof of this and could also be called a ‘life-long… Continue Reading

IT entrepreneur finds FITech courses beneficial in his work – “I was able to apply the lessons learned immediately”

Marko Väätänen

Age: 46
Education: Master of Science (Tech.)
Occupation: Entrepreneur
Applied to: Cloud computing
“I am Marko Väätänen, an entrepreneur from Jyväskylä. I graduated as a Master of Science in Energy Technology in 1999 from Lappeenranta University of Technology. Continue Reading

FITech ICT studies support in career change

Heini Ailio

Education: Master of Arts (MA) in International Business Administration
Applied to: Introduction to artificial intelligence
About a year ago, Heini Ailio found data analytics and since then it has been clear to her that her future dream job is Data… Continue Reading

FITech offers something new even for the experienced learners

Anne Rahkonen

Applied to: Commercialization of medical devices and software
Even though Anne Rahkonen has completed a lot of studies during her life, she still has a passion to learn new things. Rahkonen, whose background… Continue Reading

Henrietta Sundström wants to deepen her IT skills to be better at her job

Henrietta Sundström

Age: 37
Education: Master of Science (Economics and Business Administration)
Occupation: IT consultant
Applied to: Service design
There is one thing that has bothered Henrietta Sundström on her career as an IT consultant. Her master’s degree from economics gives great abilities to… Continue Reading

Machine learning with Python course offered fun and challenging exercises

Aira Seuna

Age: 27
Education: MSc in Economics and Business Administration
Occupation: BI specialist
Applied to: Machine learning with Python
When Aira Seuna heard about a course Machine learning with Python, she got interested. The course was organised by her former university Aalto University and… Continue Reading

FITech marine technology studies at Aalto offered Liina Pölönen a job at Meyer Turku

Liina Pölönen

Education: Master of Science (Tech.)
Occupation: Project engineer
Applied to: Marine technology
‘The current trend is that vessels are designed more and more specifically for particular markets, and this highlights the importance of both foresight and flexible… Continue Reading