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FITech offers something new even for the experienced learners

Anne Rahkonen

Applied to: Commercialization of medical devices and software

Even though Anne Rahkonen has completed a lot of studies during her life, she still has a passion to learn new things. Rahkonen, whose background is in neurobiology, decided to update her knowledge on a minor called Commercialization of medical devices and software, offered by FITech.

“Regulation experts are needed more and more in the future”, says Rahkonen who has worked in the medical industry before.

”Industry regulations are very strict which is of course beneficial from the patient’s point of view”, she continues.

Commercialization of medical devices and software is already very strictly regulated by authorities. A new EU Medical Devices Regulation (MDR) increases the need for specific knowledge in companies. The new regulation also requires that every company has a ”Person responsible for regulatory compliance”.

This health technology minor offers the required expertise and the latest information about industry regulations and standards.

Anne Rahkonen thinks that the courses were good, and the teachers were competent and experienced. The course literacy was quite broad and would have needed a bit compressing.

Because of the pandemic, all studies in the spring were organised online which worked well for Rahkonen.

”I got to go on forest walks and listen to the lectures simultaneously”, she says.

Rahkonen has background and knowledge from many fields such as science, economics and marketing. She hopes to find a working environment where she could combine her spelicialities from different fields.

She also considers studying more FITech courses if she finds something suitable.

”It’s a really great thing that these studies are offered free of charge!”